Shearwater Pacific quilt

This wedding quilt was started 12th May 2005… and finished Nov 12th 2005. Machine pieced, hand pieced, machine appliqued and machine quilted – quilt-as-you-go – this made it much more manageable to quilt, but was more time consuming and I used much more fabric in the backing than if I had done it the conventional way. It was a good learning experience, and was quite difficult to get it all square, and the borders on! It also has ended up being a much larger quilt than I had originally intended – it is big enough to fit a king size bed!!! 
I have made it for my niece and her Scottish husband and because they live in Scotland, and because of Rachel’s interest in all things marine, I decided on the Ocean waves block… Off the coast of NZ lie the Poor Knights Islands, where the Bullers Shearwaters return every year in September to nest from Nov through to May. The rest of the year they are away in the open ocean – all over the North Pacific… I was influenced by a painting my sister had done of the Poor Knights Islands which featured one of these amazing birds.  The Mariner’s compass is so that Rachel and Gordon can always find their way back home to NZ  – as do the birds – and the Delectable Mountains in the borders are there to represent the Pinnacles, part of the Poor Knights Is, and a painting of which, by my sister, Rachel and Gordon have…. for a link to her paintings, go to and click on the Poor Knight Is link in the list on the left.
for more quilt photos, have a look at the album Shearwater Pacific sorry, some are the same… well I’m still learning how to do this….!