February 09

Another year, another month…. time passes so quickly. Not much patchwork completed in the last few weeks, in fact not much started either! well we had Christmas to get through, and then there was the 21st birthday of my middle child, to celebrate and of course I did that with an album of all the left over photos down the years, plus some … now that we have computers there are so many more photos!! And then we go and get a new puppy! so there is not much sewing being done, but plenty of plans…. and a bit of experimentation with paints and dyes….. I am exploring some Maggie Grey ideas- Raising the Surface (I have her book) as well as trying my hand at watercolours and sketching (in fits and starts) and the latest is trying some disperse dyes….. some results may be seen at a later date. So far nothing is very impressive…. the puppy now takes a bit of time. Ohh yes, and I am going to work quite a lot these days…but here is a photo of Bailey

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