June progress

This has been a most fruitful weekend on the bach, and I am beginning to see the end is in sight at last! Not that I am in a rush to finish it, it is just that I have so many other projects each becoming more urgent as the weeks pass….. so achievements this week have been: two more tanks made, and the well commenced. Two downpipes installed, and a third one partially…. the roof is on! that was a big plus, it now needs to be painted. Getting the roof on meant that at long last all the lighting is installed in the main bach – that is the dungeons, front upstairs, and the latest, both kitchens. They are powered by two 6v switched battery packs (4xAA in each) – it’s looking good even tho I say it myself! I also completed this week the kitchen sink and bench and tap in the downstairs kitchen…… and have decided to jettison the 1950’s (so called) style purchased kitchen items as these are a mite too big and not right for the bach – too too new looking….. and with all my  fabric made items, they do not look right. …. but I will keep the porcelain loo!  So I have a few things to make still – the well pump and housing, the hand pump (waiting on taps for that); two corrugated iron tanks and tank stand, sink bench (I’ve made the sink!) and cupboards for the upstairs kitchen; the wee fridge, and 2 stoves……. If I didn’t have to work, I could knock the rest over this week, and be done by the end of the month! Oh and I have to paint the roof! When this part is completed, I will take a break and focus on some quilting that must be completed; then I will start on my next piece for our Three Piece Suite challenge…. so far I am fairly well on track for the 3 piece suite, as this part of the bach is all I originally intended to make. This is not to say I won’t complete the garage and “rainbow room”  – I will, just maybe not this year!!

Here are some photos:

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