Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition

Beneath the Southern Sky opens today at Rosehill Craft and Sewing Show. To see photos of the quilts, this is the link:

And here is a picture of my quilt:

Mother and Child
Mother and Child 2012

One of my creative passions is pictorial quilts, using my own photographs to produce this composition. On occasion I use mixed media, particularly in my more abstract pieces, preferring applique  for my pictorial work.

“Mother and Child” is a simple rendering of motherhood – representing this period as servant, protector, listener, nurturer and guide – and childhood – the time of being, exploring, learning, and  growing. All  our daily activities bring opportunities to raise our young in the way they should go, to become who they are meant to be. Where better may we do this than Beneath the Southern Sky?

The exhibition will be in Auckland 15-18 March and  Brisbane 22 – 25 March