May into June

Somehow I have missed doing any posts in May – maybe that is because I had a quick trip to NZ to celebrate aged parent’s 95th birthday……

Happy Birthday Mac!


we had a great day, and tripped around later in the week………

At Ocean Beach, Bream head


Have started working again on my miniature: The Bach, just a few finishing touches that I had put on hold in order to complete my other two pieces. I can at long last see some light at the end of this particular creative tunnel! Hooray!


The bach main kitchen, showing original sink bench and zip
The old hand pump for all our drinking water – an ingenious set up to fill the zip as required for dishwashing and tea making…….
Main upstairs bedroom in the early days – kapok mattresses and wire wove beds doubled as “settees” during the day
Beds for the boys out in the garage. the girls had the “dungeons”. Scene of many a midnight feast!!

And that is enough for now! Come and see it on display from July 12th 2012 at the Redcliffe Art Gallery, along with it’s self, unfolded, and The View…

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