April begins and I am crazy

UPDATE! this 4 days on… and here I have 9 pineapple blocks sewn together… still deciding if a) that’s it, with a binding; or b) that’s it, with a border and binding; or c) I make 16 more blocks to CONTRAST with these…….. lol. DO I really want to do that, I ask? In the meantime to help me think, I am off on another mad tangent. I am making 6″ ALPHABET blocks for my great-nephew and niece. Just for something simple… I am starting with their name letters first, but over time plan to do the entire alphabet each…all separate stand alone letters, so they can make new words with them..will post some when I have a word. The children are 4 and 2, respectively…..

anyway, here is a photo of the pineapples:

Pineapple mania
Pineapple mania

Just to complicate my sewing life, or to confuse myself, I’m not sure which, I have started a pineapple quilt – what am I thinking????  Back to traditional, exercise for the brain if nothing else….  just getting a 12″ block worked out from scratch.. literally… on a sheet of paper…. But I think I have mastered it. More or less…..getting it square anyway…

I just think using fabrics from one’s stash is not always a good idea. a)  one tends to improvise with the colours and “make do”  and b) there sometimes isn’t enough, after all,  especially if you decide you need more blocks than you initially intended. But then again, it’s good to use them up, isn’t it? These fabrics have been sitting around in boxes for some considerable time. Although I did need to go out and buy the background……..

so here is a peek preview. I think the dark purple fabrics are too dark, personally, and not enough contrast between the last two, none in fact. 😦  but that’s “making do” , so I guess I will live with it….

4 Pineapple blocks
4 Pineapple blocks

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