6th July 2014 – haha these letters have been a long time coming!!! can it be possible that more than a year has passed since I posted any pics?? well here are a few more to keep me going…. I am now halfway to making 2 alphabets, 26 letters so far….. not all here…IMG_9229Fat fish friendly frogs Ff back H hens IMG_9239 copy IMG_9242 copy IMG_9244 copy Rhino back RhinoIMG_9225

9th June 2013 –  the rest of the letters for Sophia’s name….

Pink and Purple Pinwheel patchwork pom-pom pocket with pert puppy, pretty penguin and a piano puzzle...and don't forget the pig!
Pink and Purple Pinwheel patchwork pom-pom pocket with pretty puppy, pert penguin and a piano puzzle…and don’t forget the pig!

IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3024 IMG_3023

Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand


Iris ...
Iris …



And some more for Oscar:

Dreadful Dragons - Do they deal in Diamonds?
Dreadful Dragons – Do they deal in Diamonds?


Enormous Elephant
Enormous Elephant



2-5-13 Another letter for Oscar:



More letters for Sophia: the first two of her name…. perhaps I need to make the Owl’s eyes yellow…

Owl back
Owl back
Orange Owl
Orange Owl
The back
The back

Sea Shells on the Sea ShoreSea Shells on the Sea Shore

10–4-13:  The first letter of the alphabet for Sophia – also the last letter of her name. This was actually the first letter I did, but only finished it today…

P1170837 P1170838

9-4-13 Have added buttons and loops to join the letters so they can be hung on the wall … – they can be taken apart and other words made.

Vertical layout...
Vertical layout…

So. My new creative direction is to make two alphabets, and then some extra letters, maybe, for my great niece and nephew, aged 2 and 4 respectively…. they are 6 inches square, and I think I will link them with loops and toggles, yet to determine, and purchase – or make – the toggles…. or I could use hooks and eyes……. I have started with Oscar’s name…. some borrowed free clip art…… and some of my own designs…..


The backs are rather corny! but I have been having fun…..

Back of Oscar's letters
Backs of Oscar’s letters

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