frustration vs gratification

Well the last 24 hours have been a learning experience I guess, if nothing else.  About what I can do on WordPress…  but some of the time it can be most frustrating. When it works, it is very gratifying!!! That said, I have added some new pages, and set some under parent pages. For example one new page is ARTyfacts – I will add to it from time to time, perhaps, but  also will add any actual artefacts that I want to stay in an easy place to find in pages under this heading – thus you will find a little background information and photos of my 3D fabric shells and leaves. Likewise I have created pages for Art eg drawings, sketches and paintings – just to keep them together in one place as well. That will save people going back through all the archives to find something! 

The frustrating thing for me is why sometimes I don’t seem to be able to set a featured image into a page but it won’t work for other pages! There will be a simple explanation I expect…. but I have yet to discover it.Maybe it is just the parent page I can change….. I will keep trying. 

 Addition…. WOOOHOOOO SORTED!!!  And now, time for a lo-o-o-o-ong break from the computer!!! 

New Look blog

Well, this came about because I wanted my blog to reflect my textile art design direction a little more than previously with the patchwork and quilting craft angle. But don’t mistake me, I still thoroughly enjoy piecing and machine quilting traditional quilts, albeit with a more arty twist – thread sketched applique incorporated into the traditional patterns for example. First I changed the profile name, and there was a lot of agonising over what to call it… straight to the point won out in the end! So my URL address remains the same:…

Then, I was dissatisfied with how the old blog pages titles were gradually covering up my header image. The only way I could change that was to change the theme – but this all seems so much more versatile than my old theme, so have been having a lot of fun working it all out! I think it’s sorted and there is still more to learn, but this will do for now!!