WIP: That Tree again!

Because of the holidays, and being rather busy on my return, I have neglected my blog, but suffice to say that my creativity has not been! It started with all the holiday photos, enormous quantities of which required considerable culling… And then I wanted to practise my drawing (the intention being to do one a day -I think I managed 6…although that’s not to say I won’t get back to it.) but, sewing? Have I done any? Well, some. This tree, for instance. I have some progress. It has been interrupted by my spending some time working on three accompanying pieces, (being depictions of the residents of said tree) and I am pleased that they are now at the ready-to-quilt stage. They have posed a few challenges, as has the Tree. The Tree has been subject to a few poor construction decisions -I say poor, as they are not exactly bad (especially in light of some of the really bad decisions people make all the time, including self) and so these little regrets will just have to stand, and we must accept that which cannot be changed, with grace, one hopes, and not lamenting. Anyway, I am not going to make it again… And I shall let the viewer be the judge at the final unveiling… Which incidentally will be 16th April. opening night is 24th April so store that away in your memory for future reference.

Detail, the Tree
Detail, the Tree – roots
Detail, the Tree
Detail, the Tree – trunk

2 thoughts on “WIP: That Tree again!

  1. This was brilliant and I stood and gazed at it for a long time. Hard to go past it. The birds equally were outstanding. Well done Sue.

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