Quilting with rulers

Enrolled in an online ruler quilting class recently… This weekend I managed to get started… Two projects, one is the class sampler, in beige, taupe, red and brown,  which will be a large quilt, and the other a table topper…. Under which I plan to hide my cutting mat! The rulers are designed by Leonie and Bill West : find information about them at  http://www.westalee.com.au/

I was the lucky winner of a voucher from Punch with Judy  for an online class, at the 2015 Queensland Quilt Show.  I am so glad I chose the  Ruler class !! There are also other classes you can take, but I am doing the introductory one.

These are the first blocks for the table topper – because I made them first, while waiting for  the pale beige fabric to come into the store… I do think it is important to support your local fabric suppliers.

and a few more

And here are the first blocks I have done for the class sampler


Have to say, having the greatest fun!

Here are some more blocks:

More to come as I get them completed!

3 thoughts on “Quilting with rulers

    • They are Westalee rulers, by Leonie and Bill West. Australia based, and the online class is via Punch with Judy.I would definitely recommend it. Leonie and Bill have designed a free motion foot for use with their rulers which fits on your domestic machine. You will also need an adapter shank and to make some adjustments to pressure foot pressure, and possibly needle position depending on which brand of machine you have. I will add the links into my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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