Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves

Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves:

Several years ago, I started experimenting with making fabric shells. It was a lot of fun, and the upshot was that I won a second prize in it’s category in the Queensland Quilt Show for an early art quilt embellished with these shells. The quilt itself was commenced in a workshop with Judith Trager, in which I started the background and learnt  about couching threads, stencilling, stamping and painting on my quilt top!

I went on to embellish further with organza, 3D leaves and fabric shells which I designed myself. It is held together with nylon fishing line and bound.
with the ribbon peace of beach

Following the success of this quilt, I went on to produce a workshop and taught a number of classes in the art of making the shells, leaves, and twigs. Incorporated into my class were also basic couching, beading, stencilling and machine quilting.
Beach Peace 1

3D Shells

Detail showing stencilled and 3D shells with a little fluffy yarn for “seaweed”

3D leaves

Detail showing 3D leaves.

Other “ARTyfacts” I have made utilising the shells are bags, book covers and wall hangings.


Bag embellished with photos, fabric shells and couching

Sketchbook cover

Sketchbook cover

Simple wall hanging

Simple wall hanging

Recent Posts

Wetlands of Queensland

Today, as the big wet (compliments of ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie) drenches the southeast, I recieved notification that my latest artwork didn’t make the grade for the Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards – no matter! It was the very first time I have entered this competition. I’m not much given to entering competitions, but sometimes they pay off and often in the most splendid and unexpected ways! Just not this time, alas. I ought to have approached this piece with 4 intact sides perhaps, and no empty – literally!  – spaces…. but no, not me, who likes to make it complicated.

I made this to be

1) part of a series I am working on at the moment (Anfractuous Continuance)

2) as a possible entry in the Australasian Quilt Convention Challenge – Fauna and Flora of Australia –  but it transpired that by it’s very nature, it would not fold well, therefore would not travel well, and as a consequence I opted not to enter – clearly I didn’t think that one through…

3) it being not entered in AQC decided to give MBRAA a shot…. never mind, I think it looks good on my wall!!!

I have named it “Cooloola Flight”. Because it’s an aerial view of the Cooloola wetlands and it features a wonderful bird we saw there – a Black necked Stork. An Aussie would call it a Jabiru. We spotted it out in our canoe on Lake Cootharaba, and was the biggest thrill of all of our canoeing excursions. He was just sitting on a little island, minding his own business, then as we drifted closer, he casually got up and strolled away for a drink, and eventually flew off to feed around the corner.

In  this piece the lake and river systems of Cooloola Wetlands are depicted by the empty spaces….. it will be exhibited as one of my pieces at Pine Rivers Art Gallery along with the Reddy Arts Textile Group’s work in December and January…. until then here is a wee sneak peak because I’m too excited about it to save it for a few more months! But you will be able to see it in the cloth there.

Lots of you have seen my first piece in the series – see “Cudgera Creek”  and my previous post for photos. This quilt is now in Melbourne and can be seen at the Bernina   Best of Australia Awards at AQC 20-23rd April 2017.

I am currently working on my third piece, which is based around the Tinchi tamba wetlands, on the Pine River. Now I really must go and sew!!!

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