Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves

Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves:

Several years ago, I started experimenting with making fabric shells. It was a lot of fun, and the upshot was that I won a second prize in it’s category in the Queensland Quilt Show for an early art quilt embellished with these shells. The quilt itself was commenced in a workshop with Judith Trager, in which I started the background and learnt  about couching threads, stencilling, stamping and painting on my quilt top!

I went on to embellish further with organza, 3D leaves and fabric shells which I designed myself. It is held together with nylon fishing line and bound.
with the ribbon peace of beach

Following the success of this quilt, I went on to produce a workshop and taught a number of classes in the art of making the shells, leaves, and twigs. Incorporated into my class were also basic couching, beading, stencilling and machine quilting.
Beach Peace 1

3D Shells

Detail showing stencilled and 3D shells with a little fluffy yarn for “seaweed”

3D leaves

Detail showing 3D leaves.

Other “ARTyfacts” I have made utilising the shells are bags, book covers and wall hangings.


Bag embellished with photos, fabric shells and couching

Sketchbook cover

Sketchbook cover

Simple wall hanging

Simple wall hanging


Recent Posts

Just for fun

Today I went back to persevering – for a couple of hours – with the watercolour experience! It’s all pretty horrible. Haha I don’t know, if I get hooked on it, I might improve…. giving it a bash with some free online lessons from which I tell myself will help me in my art practice – and even if it doesn’t, I don’t suppose it’ll do any harm!

The main textile work I am currently busy with is a group challenge which was set by the members of our Textile Group (Reddy Arts). I have to run with it, and the criteria are: 60cm square, start with a white fabric, (e.g. a bed sheet) and all commercially purchased prints and hand dyes are forbidden. I am not convinced that challenges are a good thing.

For this I have opted to  use a very old painted and stencilled piece made several years ago and which has been languishing in the cupboard ever since… It started way back in the days of experimentation with new techniques… there were so many possibilities, so many to try, and thus we gave ourselves permission to play which resulted in giving everything a go! Until eventually we ran the risk of becoming technique junkies without a clue where to go from there… that is a trap, BEWARE! (I still get sucked in….. viz: the watercolour painting) So this piece of original painted and stencilled (with various texture media – eg glass beads and structure gel – mixed in with acrylic paints) now altered with cutting and reinvented with stitching, both hand and machine, is planned to feature a couple of birds… (Surprise!)  but is so far from my usual style of work, I believe it will not be recognisable as mine at all…..  but isn’t that what challenges are all about? Exploring new directions?

So onward, I need to go get stitching, painting and whatever!


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