Out of Control and How to Reclaim Your Studio

Just emerged from a three day flurry of activity, and wonder now how I did it, amidst the utter chaos that was my work space. It had been building steadily since my last major tidy up ( three, maybe four? weeks ago), but this weekend it reached explosion levels.  I could barely move, cutting on a 10″ sq space and ironing on an even smaller one! stepping over dogs and boxes and bags of fabric to get through the door….(because the dogs insist on keeping me company – it’s rather nice of them, surely they don’t seriously expect me to have food in my studio – they must be there for love… ?) No time to tidy, I just had to get to the sewing!!! It was a fairly horrendous sewing experience. Really. You might know how it is -Moving stuff from A to B,  in order to work at A, then shifting that stuff and a bit more from B to C, so you can work at B, and then re-locating all that from C back to A,  so you can work at C… and so on. Then you move to the next room, because there’s a bit more space there and you can actually breathe again…for a while. Meanwhile all the stuff that gets shifted becomes a tangled conglomerate pile full of unknown things….

How completely uncivilised to expect myself to work in such conditions! No wonder I seemed to be wildly out of control and feeling slightly hysterical… but ah! I did sew, so I stayed relatively sane. I think.

I tidied up today. (It took all day).

So now, there is hope:  It’s called The New Order: This is how it is going to work.  Tidy up as I go. Put away after myself. Thus, I can expect not to lose my best scissors buried under the avalanche, (they were gone for two whole weeks), and I will be able to find that particular yellow fabric just where it ought to be…. Time used tidying as I go will be much more congenially spent than time wasted searching fruitlessly for something buried deeply beneath layers of crumpled fabrics, wadding, tearaway and offcuts and which in all probability isn’t even in the same room as me!

And oh yes – I was making some more alphabet squares…….. here is a sampling!  have a few more to go. There are some more in previous blog posts… https://ratherbequilting.wordpress.com/2013/04/alphabet – and wow! it seems to be another whole year since I last made any. NO wonder then, the mad flurry…! these kids will be grown before I finish at this rate… eep!