Colour challenge 2012-2013

Have decided to put everything into galleries as this is a much better way to view the challenge!  keeps them all together in one place.  Just click the first image and scroll through……..I will add to it as I complete more pieces.

28/10 /13 And now I am done! A total of 32 pieces, and added to everyone else’s this should make a great display! We didn’t explore all colour combinations but I really think we are over bi-colour 6 inch squares! I still think black and white should not have been included as colours – in my book they are not colour…. but anyway here they all are! Another thing to tick off the list. Now to focus on other things, like making curtain pelmets.

Gallery 1: Horses

Gallery 2: Organic

October #31 # 32 Orange and blue

September:  #27 #28  Yellow and black and #29 #30 Black and orange

August: #23 #24  red and blue #25 #26  Blue and yellow

July : #19 # 20 Green and orange and # 21 #22 Orange and red

June: Purple and white #15 and #16 and White and Green #17 and #18

May: YELLOW AND PURPLE: #13 and 14:

April:  WHITE AND YELLOW # 11 and 12: Our next two colours (for May) are yellow and purple, so, as I like to do the bridging colours,  here are my two white and yellow offerings!  #11 Inktense pencils with liquitex fabric medium, #12: Machine embroidered cut work on organza, applique via machine quilting.

April 15th:  decided I needed to reinvent this one, so here it is again with a lot more white, and a bit more orange:

March 10th: hated the spirals, not at all happy with it. So have done a new one, much more organic, and based on the bark of a tree…. not much white incorporated into it, but there is a little! lol

March: Orange and White #9, #10

February:  Purple and Orange # 7, #8

January:  Black and Purple  # 5, # 6

Green and Black: # 3, and # 4

New 6″ x 6″ group challenge. First colours chosen – BLUE and GREEN… # 1 and #2


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