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BELL MINERS FINISHED: So it occurred to me that it might be nice to post a couple of photos of the finished article – this is the quilt I made in response to Reddy Arts Textile Groups Henry Kendall “Bellbirds” challenge: My lines were:

“Through brakes of the cedar and sycamore bowers

Struggles the light that is love to the flowers.

And, softer than slumber, and sweeter than singing,

The notes of the bell-birds are running and ringing.”

On researching the birds, I discovered that they are in reality quite aggressive, and defend their territory with their distinctive call. The bellbirds are largely blamed for the dieback of certain eucalypt trees, when in reality they are part of an ongoing life cycle  to which man himself has also contributed in a detrimental way. The birds feed on lerps, which are a protective sugary coating excreted by the psyllid larvae which feed on the leaves of the trees. they eat only the lerp, the larvae continually producing these protective shells until they metamorphose – the consequence is die back. The birds keep other insect and larvae eating birds away, in this way ensuring an abundant food supply. The proliferation of the bell miners is also further aided by the invasion of lantana introduced by man into the natural bushland, which provide a wonderful undergrowth and protection for their nests. Bush fires may also contribute to the spread of lantana. When the trees die, the bell birds move on to new territory. I wanted to depict the environmental impact of the Bell birds/psyllid/dieback cycle.

The Bellbirds collaboration was shown at Queensland Quilters Inc.’s Annual show in 2013.

"Struggles of Light and Life"
“Struggles of Light and Life”
Struggles of Light and Life detail
Struggles of Light and Life detail
"Struggles of Light and LIfe" detail
“Struggles of Light and LIfe” detail

16th Feb: The bell miners stitched: I have had so much fun doing these wee birds!  Drawn from images by Marie Louise, Frank Carey, Michael Dahlem, C Kellenberg, Julian Robinson, Brad and Lynn Wienert, and even a couple of my own. The quilt will soon be finished…. I hope!

Bell miners, drawn with inktense and soluble graphite pencils, machine embroidered
Bell miners, drawn with inktense and soluble graphite pencils on to fabric,  machine embroidered.

15th Feb 2013 – Art everyday seems to have fallen somewhat by the wayside……  I think holidays and Christmas came along and somehow I managed to lose the plot there for a while. Lol. Never mind, I made a good start back into it today and drew 10 bell miners on fabric with inktense and coloured soluble graphite pencils. FUn! and now I have the birds for my Bellbird quilt……..

Bell miners - inktense and soluble graphite on fabric
Bell miners – inktense and soluble graphite on fabric

Now for some stitching on them, and then they will fly on to the quilt! haha! Will do the legs later, when they are on their perches…..

More to come…

Over our newest long weekend, here in Queensland, and opting to stay home, and chill, as it were, (for a change) I decided that I would do a drawing a day! for the next not sure  how long. This is a somewhat circumspect result from talking to my friend Brenda, who introduced me to Pinterest. It is quite amazing where that can lead a person – all kinds of incredible art works, (of course there is also Colossal for finding the really fabulous stuff) and it was from Pinterest that I discovered:  60/60 Painting Challenge on Facebook   – these are a group of artists who have inspired me to have a go as well. Now I don’t think I want to commit to 60 days, that is every day for 2 months, but who knows, perhaps I will achieve it!  and if I don’t it won’t matter. Just a personal challenge, and a little exercise to get in some drawing practice. Then I decided that I would call it Art Every Day, so that I am more flexible, and can do more than drawings – it will incorporate drawing, painting, mixed media, textile art. So far, I am ahead, having averaged 2 a day, but that is good, because although the challenge for me is to do something EVERY DAY, if I am unable to for some reason, I have a few spares… if I end up with 60 in 60 days, all to the good!

Japanese Crane, pencil, art bars, ink, on water colour wash
Rufous Fantail – Coloured pencil

Feel free to have a go, yourself! It doesn’t have to be big – I am starting with an A5 sketch book that I had on hand, half full…….

Oct 3rd – just a wee pic today – on fabric, with watercolour pencils and textile medium: This taken with my new birthday camera – and the file was just huge, so made it as small as I could, it was still 902 KB… this is on a scrap of fabric, about 4″ x 3″…. hahaha! Do I really need a DSLR after all????? Perhaps not for the humble little drawings I will be posting….

Watercolour pencils on fabric, textile medium, 0.4 Artline pen

Oct 4:

Who is this supposed to be? Haha terrible likeness but lol it’s only practise after all…….

Oct 11th

Bell Miner 2 – inktense pencils and water

16/12/12 Ha ha Art Every Day???  well that was wishful thinking!!

But hmmm, I haven’t been exactly idle….. doing a bit of quilting here and there and designing even mini quilts (ie 6″ square ones) takes a little bit of time, now doesn’t it?  Now that I am officially on holiday, perhaps I will get a bit more drawing and/or painting done……..and here is my latest offering: Watego’s beach, Byron Bay, NSW…

Watego's Beach, Byron Bay.Watercolour. All a bit dodgy.... lol.
Watego’s Beach, Byron Bay.
Watercolour. All a bit dodgy…. lol.

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