Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves

Three dimensional fabric shells and leaves:

Several years ago, I started experimenting with making fabric shells. It was a lot of fun, and the upshot was that I won a second prize in it’s category in the Queensland Quilt Show for an early art quilt embellished with these shells. The quilt itself was commenced in a workshop with Judith Trager, in which I started the background and learnt  about couching threads, stencilling, stamping and painting on my quilt top!

I went on to embellish further with organza, 3D leaves and fabric shells which I designed myself. It is held together with nylon fishing line and bound.
with the ribbon peace of beach

Following the success of this quilt, I went on to produce a workshop and taught a number of classes in the art of making the shells, leaves, and twigs. Incorporated into my class were also basic couching, beading, stencilling and machine quilting.
Beach Peace 1

3D Shells
Detail showing stencilled and 3D shells with a little fluffy yarn for “seaweed”
3D leaves
Detail showing 3D leaves.

Other “ARTyfacts” I have made utilising the shells are bags, book covers and wall hangings.

Bag embellished with photos, fabric shells and couching
Sketchbook cover
Sketchbook cover
Simple wall hanging
Simple wall hanging

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