May into June

Somehow I have missed doing any posts in May – maybe that is because I had a quick trip to NZ to celebrate aged parent’s 95th birthday……

Happy Birthday Mac!


we had a great day, and tripped around later in the week………

At Ocean Beach, Bream head


Have started working again on my miniature: The Bach, just a few finishing touches that I had put on hold in order to complete my other two pieces. I can at long last see some light at the end of this particular creative tunnel! Hooray!


The bach main kitchen, showing original sink bench and zip
The old hand pump for all our drinking water – an ingenious set up to fill the zip as required for dishwashing and tea making…….
Main upstairs bedroom in the early days – kapok mattresses and wire wove beds doubled as “settees” during the day
Beds for the boys out in the garage. the girls had the “dungeons”. Scene of many a midnight feast!!

And that is enough for now! Come and see it on display from July 12th 2012 at the Redcliffe Art Gallery, along with it’s self, unfolded, and The View…

Week 7 2012

So here I am with nothing much to show for the last 4 weeks since I was here last…. but I have been working on my Ngunguru Estuary series, amongst visits from the adult children,working, and the installation of new cupboards in my sewing studio and they are wonderful! the drawer units all fit in perfectly  – my work space now mostly organised – I just need a corner cupboard/table to fill the space left by the Horn cabinet when it is opened out – it will help when I am quilting large quilts, and will double as cutting space maybe when I am not quilting….. here is a photo:

And closed:

Here is a preview detail of  Ngunguru Estuary 1:

And now, back to work!!

Week 3 2012

Latest quilt, for the Exhibition Beneath the Southern Sky – here is a little detail of it to tantalise!

Detail of "Mother and Child " Beneath the Southern Skies"

With that completed, I have been working on some preliminary drawings for my third piece for the Reddy Arts Textile Group’s upcoming exhibition to be held late July and August 2012 at the Redcliffe Art Gallery. This will take some considerable time to complete, but it is shaping up to be a fantastic show judging by the work the other members are producing!!

Ngunguru Estuary Prelim drawing
Ngunguru Estuary Prelim drawing

Oh and by the way, I did finally, today, figure out what my New Year’s Resolution is to be: PAY ATTENTION.

Lighting up July

So it’s July and we have been busy! We have mended the ceiling  hooray! to keep the draughts out….. definitely makes for  a warmer bedroom and bathroom….. we have had some electrical repairs done – mice chewed their way through some wiring… no wonder we were getting some earth leakage power cuts! Next week will see the replacement of all the fluoro lights which must be at least 35 years old! half not working and the rest very inefficient…. 15 lights…… ho hum….. and two new outside lights as well… tomorrow the painter will be painting the ceiling and the bedroom walls… I think i need new floor coverings and blinds and maybe curtains…. but they will have to wait a little while……not too much sewing happening here as a consequence, between the renovation and work….. my sewing room is currently a storage room…. no room to swing a cat let alone operate a sewing machine….. might have a photo for you though…

June progress

This has been a most fruitful weekend on the bach, and I am beginning to see the end is in sight at last! Not that I am in a rush to finish it, it is just that I have so many other projects each becoming more urgent as the weeks pass….. so achievements this week have been: two more tanks made, and the well commenced. Two downpipes installed, and a third one partially…. the roof is on! that was a big plus, it now needs to be painted. Getting the roof on meant that at long last all the lighting is installed in the main bach – that is the dungeons, front upstairs, and the latest, both kitchens. They are powered by two 6v switched battery packs (4xAA in each) – it’s looking good even tho I say it myself! I also completed this week the kitchen sink and bench and tap in the downstairs kitchen…… and have decided to jettison the 1950’s (so called) style purchased kitchen items as these are a mite too big and not right for the bach – too too new looking….. and with all my  fabric made items, they do not look right. …. but I will keep the porcelain loo!  So I have a few things to make still – the well pump and housing, the hand pump (waiting on taps for that); two corrugated iron tanks and tank stand, sink bench (I’ve made the sink!) and cupboards for the upstairs kitchen; the wee fridge, and 2 stoves……. If I didn’t have to work, I could knock the rest over this week, and be done by the end of the month! Oh and I have to paint the roof! When this part is completed, I will take a break and focus on some quilting that must be completed; then I will start on my next piece for our Three Piece Suite challenge…. so far I am fairly well on track for the 3 piece suite, as this part of the bach is all I originally intended to make. This is not to say I won’t complete the garage and “rainbow room”  – I will, just maybe not this year!!

Here are some photos: