of tanks and not much else but ramblings

This week, the tank and the cladding for the lower kitchen that is now a bedroom/living room/laundry room, tap, towel rail, shelf, curtains, light fitting, switch and power point, and partial downpipe have been almost completed…. just need to be fixed in place…. i think i will hinge one wall of this room….. or maybe the ceiling…. have to consider this…..this bach takes a great deal of thinking time….. already i might be behind schedule, well I definitely am behind schedule, what can I expect , taking a six week break from it…. but  I’m back!  ANYWAY – here is a photo of the tank….

Bach back tank

Bach beat

My latest work has been somewhat an obsession… the old family bach. Still unfinished, it keeps growing something like the way it did in the 1950’s… more or less to scale, and quilted. It’s a 3D challenge that has caught the imagination of my family….

The original bach circa 1952 This was built by Arthur Grove when there were no building regulations.
Ngunguru bach circa 2011
Bach miniature in progress - quilted