2016 wrapped – Happy New Year


The last few months have passed in a blur. After doing about 3/4 of the 100 day challenge, which for me isn’t too bad an effort, and completing three lap quilts in about as many months, the art quilting has taken a bit of a back seat lately. Maybe it’s the time of year, after all, it is now the final week of 2016… Christmas celebrations take up a fair bit of time, much as we love getting together, exchanging gifts and eating well!  It seems to me though that time is of the essence when there are deadlines to meet. Creativity works best for me when it is spontaneous, but I do like to have a plan as well…………. sometimes the plan doesn’t always work, and outside pressures tend to inhibit spontaneity….. maybe it’s time for a little R&R, some physical workouts  (read cycling, swimming and canoeing, long walks on the beach, playing with the dogs, even gardening). We are officially on holiday, not a sewing machine in sight. I do have my cameras with me though.

I did manage to make a few little Christmas gifts – (secretly, I have been wanting to make mug rugs for ages! Hahaha! (Binding by machine practise….) Then I saw these great  little fabric stars, which I couldn’t resist making.


My last wee completed piece for the year is this wee seahorse which I had much fun making!

Wishing you all a wonderful, creative, prosperous, healthy and happy 2017!




Tetraspinner instructions…

ARE COMING!!! Meanwhile, today, I have made another one, to check the latest fabrics – I now have panels in not only the original colourway (as seen in the video!)  but 3 others plus black and white outlines for the colourists in our midst. This tetraspinner  below  is a finished size of 8.5″ across (as are all the fabric panels). I have decided not to include individual triangles for printing in the pattern as the fabric prints make life so much easier, much of the construction work is already done, and the time needed to make one up is halved- the more you make of course, the faster you will become. Suffice to say, it’s far easier than having to print and cut out many individual triangles and then sew them all together….. This has been an enormously educational journey for me, learning how to make a large tetraspinner initially was challenging and fun, working it out as I went along. My original large one consisted of all individually traced, painted, embellished and quilted triangles, and was weeks in the making…. My first pattern and instructions were all written, drawn up, and photographed with numerous steps, and pages and pages of printed matter! The patterns all in two sizes… large and smaller…. Once I thought about designing and printing the triangles on to fabric yardage, to save time, it became increasingly more logical to do this whole thing as a panel, sticking with the smaller size only, which keeps the costs down for one thing and to make handling the finished item much easier – making life so much simpler for purchaser.

Hop across to flickr to see a few more photos of the new fabrics I have designed   – four different colourways and a black and white version for those of you who would like to colour it in your favourite colour schemes…. here is a taster or two: how one of the new panels will look made up!

The fabric and instructions with photos and diagrams will soon be available from 2SewTextiles  in our Etsy shop,  just some final tweaking to be done,  the listing to sort out, and a bit of streamlining for purchase of the fabric panels.  Definitely before the end of September. Deadlines are good.


THIS BUSY LIFE : making plans

Lately I have been between projects, having completed the first in a series for the 2017 RATG exhibition next year, entitled TEXTile Translations. So I can’t actually show you yet just what I have been up to there…. maybe a little hint with a detail might be allowed…. 

The next piece in the series is planned out but not yet commenced. I am very excited about this series based on photos taken whilst out canoeing on the creeks, rivers and lakes in SE Queensland and Northern NSW…08_IMG_2297

And meantime I have been persevering with learning a few Illustrator and Photoshop skills…. I have signed up with Skillshare for 12 months, and have done some excellent classes so far with Helen Bradley. Here is a glimpse of what I have learned so far…. more to come! (I am a bit of a slow learner, but live in hope!) Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.33.26 pm

I have another little project in mind for using some of my designs… again I have to keep it under wraps for a little while! It’s quite different from my textile landscape and bird work! Suffice to say it promises to be a real adventure into 3D work for me! Then there is the possibility of fabric designs… dream on!

There are thoughts of one or two exhibitions into which it might be worthwhile submitting work  – we will see how that pans out in due course.

Not only that, another Cot/crib quilt pattern is in the pipeline! To purchase,  keep an eye out on facebook:  2SewTextiles , etsy and craftsy…..  The alpaca backing fabric is my own design…if there is enough interest I will consider making it available for purchase through Spoonflower.  I have simplified the quilt pattern from this original… fewer applique pieces… five clouds instead of seven, for example. Overall size is 36″ x 52″.



6th July 2014 – haha these letters have been a long time coming!!! can it be possible that more than a year has passed since I posted any pics?? well here are a few more to keep me going…. I am now halfway to making 2 alphabets, 26 letters so far….. not all here…IMG_9229Fat fish friendly frogs Ff back H hens IMG_9239 copy IMG_9242 copy IMG_9244 copy Rhino back RhinoIMG_9225

9th June 2013 –  the rest of the letters for Sophia’s name….

Pink and Purple Pinwheel patchwork pom-pom pocket with pert puppy, pretty penguin and a piano puzzle...and don't forget the pig!
Pink and Purple Pinwheel patchwork pom-pom pocket with pretty puppy, pert penguin and a piano puzzle…and don’t forget the pig!

IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3024 IMG_3023

Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand


Iris ...
Iris …



And some more for Oscar:

Dreadful Dragons - Do they deal in Diamonds?
Dreadful Dragons – Do they deal in Diamonds?


Enormous Elephant
Enormous Elephant



2-5-13 Another letter for Oscar:



More letters for Sophia: the first two of her name…. perhaps I need to make the Owl’s eyes yellow…

Owl back
Owl back
Orange Owl
Orange Owl
The back
The back

Sea Shells on the Sea ShoreSea Shells on the Sea Shore

10–4-13:  The first letter of the alphabet for Sophia – also the last letter of her name. This was actually the first letter I did, but only finished it today…

P1170837 P1170838

9-4-13 Have added buttons and loops to join the letters so they can be hung on the wall … – they can be taken apart and other words made.

Vertical layout...
Vertical layout…

So. My new creative direction is to make two alphabets, and then some extra letters, maybe, for my great niece and nephew, aged 2 and 4 respectively…. they are 6 inches square, and I think I will link them with loops and toggles, yet to determine, and purchase – or make – the toggles…. or I could use hooks and eyes……. I have started with Oscar’s name…. some borrowed free clip art…… and some of my own designs…..


The backs are rather corny! but I have been having fun…..

Back of Oscar's letters
Backs of Oscar’s letters