Project overload – or when you can’t find your scissors

Lately I’ve been engaged in several textile projects concurrently….  Somehow I seemed to keep adding more to the pile…not quite sure how it happens but I think it is because sometimes you are waiting for something to arrive, so in the meantime you start something else…. and so it goes.  The consequence of course is that eventually I become engulfed in a deluge of fabrics, battings, off cuts, threads, papers, rulers, and quilt sandwiches….. It was difficult once again to find even one pair of scissors,  and I have several….they are always under something, but which something is it?  What to do, what to do? Trying to find stuff slows up the creativity, and the pressure to complete things was building, building, building…

All this despite a post  I wrote last year,  in which I concluded that tidying  up after myself was the solution to avoiding being snowed in yet again by textile flotsam and jetsam – at least in theory. Actually, I still believe it’s a sound strategy, although I have in reality been less than successful. How can this be made to work, I asked myself? My conclusion was, that every project (currently I have 6 upon which I am working, and several more that could be added to the list)  needed its own box, into which it can be tidied, before I tackle the next bit of the next project, and so on! The short way would be to rush out and buy 6 new boxes. Easy you think? Sure. But wait. Where will the boxes be stored? Every inch of space in the tiny sewing studio is taken… And it overflows into the bedroom….. And the art studio is also full of things…. The store room is chockers, and the spare bedroom is overwhelmed by artefacts and equipment and books and boxes of things – all belonging to various offspring…

I sent out an SOS to a very good and patient friend…

Who said, “no, you don’t need new boxes.” Who said, “throw out some stuff.” Who said, “donating is good”. Who said, “throw away 20 things”. Who said, “start with the plastic bags” ….. “what plastic bags?” I cried. They have important stuff in them. They have useful stuff in them. There are only two…. Or three…

“I have to make a list,” said I. “No lists, ” said she. But I did have to have a list. It calms my mind, to make a list. So I made a list. Of my current projects. Then I knew I definitely needed at least 6 boxes.

“No” said she. “Just start!!”

It took me two days.

The payoff is – I can find all of my scissors, see my ironing surface and cutting mat…. and I have repurposed 6 boxes into project containers!

ps: to my lovely friend – here are the photos you requested (see comments in the post referred to above) !!! there is even room for Bailey.

pps: Oh and did you notice the tetraspinner fabrics have arrived? that is a fat quarter which will make one tetraspinner ) Not long now! That is project priority number one.




Week 7 2012

So here I am with nothing much to show for the last 4 weeks since I was here last…. but I have been working on my Ngunguru Estuary series, amongst visits from the adult children,working, and the installation of new cupboards in my sewing studio and they are wonderful! the drawer units all fit in perfectly  – my work space now mostly organised – I just need a corner cupboard/table to fill the space left by the Horn cabinet when it is opened out – it will help when I am quilting large quilts, and will double as cutting space maybe when I am not quilting….. here is a photo:

And closed:

Here is a preview detail of  Ngunguru Estuary 1:

And now, back to work!!

Lighting up July

So it’s July and we have been busy! We have mended the ceiling  hooray! to keep the draughts out….. definitely makes for  a warmer bedroom and bathroom….. we have had some electrical repairs done – mice chewed their way through some wiring… no wonder we were getting some earth leakage power cuts! Next week will see the replacement of all the fluoro lights which must be at least 35 years old! half not working and the rest very inefficient…. 15 lights…… ho hum….. and two new outside lights as well… tomorrow the painter will be painting the ceiling and the bedroom walls… I think i need new floor coverings and blinds and maybe curtains…. but they will have to wait a little while……not too much sewing happening here as a consequence, between the renovation and work….. my sewing room is currently a storage room…. no room to swing a cat let alone operate a sewing machine….. might have a photo for you though…