Honey Anteater

Don’t you just LOVE the internet? One of my nieces posted a video on her 6 year old niece’s facebook page, which came up in my newsfeed. It was a video of a pet anteater, and it really caught the child’s imagination… announcing she wanted an anteater too… (it’s a very cute video!)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZvv2MAu3js )

Two days later I was at the  Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show, and guess what I found? A stall for Funky Friends Factory patterns… http://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/  And there was a pattern for Artie Anteater…. of course, I had no choice, I had to buy it!  On enquiring of my young great niece,  via social media, (since she lives on the other side of the world) I discovered that anteaters should always be purple and pink. Always.  Here is where the internet really came up with the goods: I found some fabulous fabric “Women digging for Honey Ants” by Audrey Nungarrai for M & S Textiles from Batik Fabric Online: http://batikfabrics.com.au/collections/inspraaussie  (great little online shop at Wamuran in Queensland) The fabric arrived two days after I ordered it!! Fantastic.

the fabric
the fabric

One afternoon of happy creation and here it is!  yet to be renamed by my great niece… but I have to send it to her first!

Artie Anteater - pattern by Funky Friends Factory
Artie Anteater – pattern by Funky Friends Factory

Oh and here is a video of honey ants….   https://youtu.be/jwzzbjYHC3w