Free Face Mask pattern – step by step

So in the beginning of the pandemic, when face masks were scarcer than hens teeth, and my local GP asked if I could make them some masks, I came up with a 3 layer pattern using craft wire or florist’s wire to shape the bridge of the nose. It is fully washable and can be ironed. Overlock or zigzag the sides to eliminate bulk. I believe it is possible to source the aluminium nose bridge straps online, but you need to purchase in bulk. I am going to experiment with recycling aluminium drink cans…. 

This PDF pattern is free to download here: 


Be sure to print it at Actual size or 100% setting on you printer for the correct dimensions. 

Stay safe! 

Colour can be fickle

After a brief sojourn up at the Downlands Art Exhibition in Toowoomba recently, I have at last re-hung my Threads of Survival Tetratych: so happy to have it back on the wall. But, Beware!


Originally, I painted the sky background with a dye paint product developed for fabrics, which I would have expected to be stable. It was perfect for getting the right shade of blue and for graduating the sky intensity…. SADLY, it has proven not to be colourfast, and has faded badly in the three years since I made it, and it no longer reflects the intensity of the Australian summer skies. Very disappointing, and  if this fades further which I expect it will do, I am now faced with the dilemma of whether I can save it….. given that I have a lot of areas between the tree branches and leaves to recolour….  Something for the back burner, perhaps.

It is a lesson learned….  I won’t be using that particular product on anything I want to last….

To see how it was in November 2015 click here