Kookaburra fever

The giant amongst the kingfisher family….

First a drawing, then another, and another…. add a bit of paint… and do another………. what if I add a bit of stitch……. that isn’t exactly thread sketching…… and so it goes.

Demonstrating at QQS and the Jesus Birds

Recently, I was demonstrating some of my textile art practise at the Queensland Quilt Show. I had a great time meeting many lovely and different women, all of whom were very kind and admiring of my work. I was blessed with an amazingly large area in which to display my quilts, and it felt wonderful to be able to work away surrounded by them. The quilted model of our holiday cottage, the bach, featured as well along with the panorama quilts of the view.


It was a great deal of fun and I really loved being able to show people how I go about making a small textile artwork. I have continued working on the pieces I was demonstrating, and here are a few of the progress photos, which may interest those of you who attended the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane last week.


There is still some detail to add – perhaps to the lilypads, and a few flowers and buds to make and add:  the snowflake waterlilies that abound and upon which the Comb Crested Jacanas nest, feed and appear to walk on water! Hence the colloquial name!

Keep an eye on my blog, as I will post photos of the final work once it is completed!

Life is for the birds

Back to bird art…. just a little playtime after the serious business of making tetraspinners

Squat little oystercatcher… trying out a new (to me) embroidery pellon/batting under the single layer cotton background…. not entirely happy with the result, the stitching has pulled in I think in spite of hooping it to stitch, maybe the cotton shrank when I washed out the watersoluble stabiliser… hard to know. Note to self: wash all new materials and fabrics to find out if they shrink, and how much, and to remember to preshrink them before adding stitch….  Actually this bird is on a slight 3/4 angle anyway, but still, he looks squished up more than the original drawing I did….

Watch for more to come! I have to do some fish as well, so there are busy days ahead for me. Keeps me out of mischief while I wait for the tetraspinner fabric to show up…



Thread Sketching

Here is a sequence of photos of an exercise in thread sketching – a simple applique design which I then  thread sketched to bring it to life.

For those ladies who attended my workshop at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery, a ten minute video “Introduction to Thread Sketching” is now available for viewing – see it here on You Tube:


The frog and pelican patterns will soon be listed  for instant download purchase through our  Etsy shop 2Sew Textiles.

Nature’s Threads Exhibition: Reddy Arts Textile Group

Nature's Threads DL

It’s on! Our 2015 group exhibition opening night Friday 24th April, 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm. at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery in Strathpine, Queensland. Our guest Speaker is Kay Haerland, renowned Textile Artist and fellow member of RATG. There is some wonderful and varied work on display. The exhibition runs from now until 30th May. We would love to see you there! Those of you who have seen some of my earlier posts of construction of “the tree” will be able to see the finished work, “Threads of Survival” …

here is a wee teaser:

Threads of Survival teaser

hope to see you sometime at the Gallery!

Exhibitors: Jill Burgess, Kim Boland, Donna Davis, Sue Duffy, Di Flint, Helen Forrest, Kay Haerland, Jeannie Henry, Jan Hutchison, Alex Stogdale, Kate Watson, and Brenda Wood. 

Pine Rivers Art Gallery
199 Gympie Road, Strathpine.
Entry and parking via Mecklem Street.
Please RSVP for the opening night: PH 3480 6941 during gallery hours
Gallery Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm

Closed ANZAC Day, 25 April