Textile Morsels

SO here I am, just chillin’. Playing a bit with some 6.5″ squares, it’s relaxing to be doing these mini quilts, and playing with a few more techniques rather than just sticking to the raw edge applique…..

“Seagull” is experimenting with thread sketching and watercolour pencils

“Seagull” 2012

” The Entrance” raw edge applique, polyester and cottons, watercolour and graphite pencils

“The Entrance” 2012 (sold)

“Ocean Beach” fabric dye, cotton, thread sketching, paper

“Ocean Beach” 2012

“Sailboarding” Cotton, thread sketching, applique, batting

“Sailboarding” 2012 (sold)

“The Old Pohutukawa” Cotton, paper, hand made cords, acrylic paint.

The Old Pohutukawa, 2012 (sold)

1st May 2012 : well this started out to be a flat or semi-flat 6″ rendition of Abelia, but turned into something rather more dimensional………. it’s still Abelia though………….

We had an Abelia hedge around the bach where we used to catch bumblebees in snapper mouths…….. when we were little…….

October – a few more morsels made back in June – maybe July too…perhaps I should call this a Ngunguru themed page


From School Bay

The Entrance II  (sold)

Pohutukawa trunk (sold)

Bach Window

Cave, “around the bays”

Ocean Beach (sold)

Venus and Moon (sold)

Bush around the Bays (sold)

Paua Bay – machine applique and quilting (sold)

more to come……


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