About Sue

Enjoyment of fabrics, yarns and stitching has been a constant all my life – starting out as a child making dolls clothes and progressing to my own when a teenager… graduating to real life and making baby clothes and bassinet sheets and blankets.  Eventually came patchwork quilts, and more recently the discovery of textile arts and all the possibilities therein… You can follow part of my journey here via the archives, or jump right in and read the pages that interest you.

Recent Posts

One hundred hands

Days 44 to 60…


Days 35 to 43: progress! Keeping up, dare I say it, even a little ahead of myself, I am so enjoying this process!

days 25 to 34….. started to add some watercolour paint, tricky….

The next batch – days 17 through to 24….  almost a quarter done!

So I signed up for the 100 days project – drawing 100 hands bravely… well, if I find the courage to move on to coloured pencils, paint, ink…. eventually stitch and fabric. Aiming to improve my seeing and drawing skills….. we will find out!

Starting with my most recent drawings, here they will appear, a few days at a time… or you can see my work daily, here, at the 100 days project website..



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