November 2008

So here we are again, I don’t seem to have done a great deal this year! Well in the quilting department anyway. I did have a trip to England and Scotland with my 91 year old Dad, and that took time with planning and travelling and recovering!!! only kidding….! it was a great time and I have oodles of photos to inspire my quiltmaking, now it is just the finding of time to experiment and play and construct! well, I could neglect the family entirely I suppose…..
I have managed to complete two bed quilts this year though, along much more conventional lines. One is the wedding quilt I talked about earlier in the year, and the other a "spectacular scraps" quilt I made for my aunt’s 80th birthday on behalf of her children, my cousins. It was beautifully long-arm machine quilted by Tricia Simpson of Cut from the Same Cloth. Oh and a series of small landscape quilts which I have mostly given away to people in England and Scotland whom we stayed with whilst over there.
You will find photos of them in my 2008 quilts album.
Below are some photos of Scotland,  at Bettyhill, Sutherland in the far north highlands.