Play Days in May

There is an ongoing Art EveryDay challenge happening on Textile Art Collective (Facebook) (closed group, but if you are into textiles, and want to join, just ask)  for which I have the privilege of, this year, setting the daily inspirational word. This isn’t always easy, but is a bit of fun nevertheless… and tends to be something I think I would like to interpret! however my pieces don’t always come up to scratch, and I have to admit that I also lag behind from time to time – well, life has a tendency to sometimes get in the way. I have also discovered that the medium I am most passionate about – textiles –  takes four times as long as I think it will….. so thus far, daily drawings/paintings I can manage, but I am only up to working on my third textile piece for the whole month!! ( Although, don’t get me wrong, I am still doing textile other things as well as this Play Day in May routine…. time spent lately on a QS quilt, to be a wedding gift! more on that later, once I can do the big reveal!  there might be a few teasers, somewhere on the blog…)

So here you see, Day 22, LAYERS  – progress shots…

It is still a work in progress; I think it needs beads….  See my page Play Every Day in May for more photos of this years challenge, and the daily words if you would like to try it out!  May 2013 days are there as well….

The Tree Revealed

With only one more week remaining of the Reddy Arts Textile Group’s Exhibition “Nature’s Threads” on display at Pine Rivers Art Gallery, here at last are some photos of my finished work, entitled “Threads of Survival”. This is the culmination of all the work and progress photos shown in previous posts of the construction of the tree.

I have used mainly cotton, and utilised raw edge applique, dye, thread sketching and quilting.

Threads of Survival
Threads of Survival 2015

I wrote this poem to accompany the work:


Tangled threads. Roots, twined together.

These life-giving fibres, stitched to the cliff…

Holding, but barely.

How long?

Dying limbs reaching. Sticks, interwoven.

This nest, of wood-woven threads…

Holding, but barely.

How long?

Ribbons of rain; and leaves, sunlight-threaded.

This tree surviving, is fledglings’ safe haven…

Holding, but barely.

How long?



Exploring 3Dimensions

A friend of mine is a felter. She is starting a new project and sent out a call for donations of flowers…. felted or fabric…. so rising to the challenge and combining it with my Day 18 Play Every day in May project, I spent all of yesterday constructing a hibiscus for Judith…. Materials: Fabric, wire, yarn. Techniques: applique and thread sketchingIMG_9452IMG_9449

I have also posted a new gallery to Play Every Day in May for 2015 – currently a work in progress.

Thread Sketching

Here is a sequence of photos of an exercise in thread sketching – a simple applique design which I then  thread sketched to bring it to life.

For those ladies who attended my workshop at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery, a ten minute video “Introduction to Thread Sketching” is now available for viewing – see it here on You Tube:

The frog and pelican patterns will soon be listed  for instant download purchase through our  Etsy shop 2Sew Textiles.