October Musings

SO today is the 30th already, less than two months to Christmas. Must get a TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS LIST going. Otherwise it will all be last minute rushing as usual.

The good news is, I have been experiencing a resurgence of inspiration with my Art quilting/ Textile Art…. a few reasons – some new faces in our group, recently discovered cyber hoarding, O M G .  but plenty of Art inspiration out there – I am in AWE of all those amazing talented people! It’s overwhelming! Not only that, but for my birthday I was the happy recipient of a new DSLR –  I THINK it’s an upgrade on what I was using, but my photos leave a bit to be desired, not too hot on the focusing…… perhaps I will get better….it can be so complicated… so anyway, I am out on the lookout for photo opportunities that might become Textile Art inspiration… don’t quite take the camera everywhere I go, but perhaps I should!

And , more time! Our exhibition is all over! see it here: Reddy Arts Textile Group: reddyarts.wordpress.com

I have posted a couple of pieces we have been doing for our group Reddy Arts textile Group  a little while ago. they have been fun : have now completed “Currents” so will post it in “Colour Challenge 2012 -2013” Dedicated Art Every Day seems to have fallen by the wayside, inasmuch as I have not been doing specific drawings in my sketchbook – well it was a good idea while it lasted, lol! – but I have been doing other “ART” in the meantime – it’s the camera’s fault actually, and not only that but a few other things got in the way, for example I have been helping a friend of mine and made a couple of incubator covers for the Wesley neonatal unit, they were fun. I cheated on the first one using a purchased pattern from Craft Cubby:  http://www.craftcubby.com.au/raggedy_farmyard,  I could not resist them, they are so cute!

Incubator Cover – applique by Craft Cubby

Another good thing is, I have now started my QQ Challenge and it’s well under way!! Very pleasing.

Then there is the Brush Turkey mini quilt I made a week ago…..

Mixed media Brush Turkey

You can see,  I have been having some fun, despite my bad news which is that my lovely old Dad (See June blog) passed away in August. We are all very sad, and even though we know he had a great life, it’s no consolation.